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Successes concerning the Leadership Coaching

"Shortly after establishing my own company ABRA Software in 1991, I had met Mr. Bernhard Schmitt. He helped me with a lot of tasks, questions and (realizing and removing) the blocks on my road to success. Not directly, by advices, but by coaching and training and letting me find out my own cognition, letting me to see the world by another eyes.

I must tell him: “Thank you, Bernhard, my way was faster due to you and your Leadership Coaching!“

09/12/2010 Jaroslav Rasa, Founder, ABRA Software, a.s., Prague

„… Bernhard Schmitt is a consistent coach. He guides me patiently and takes into account the current situation in the company, especially those areas and issues that are priority at the moment for the company. The first fruits of these activities are now before the harvest, and I am sure that this positive trend will continue … .

Therefore I recommend also you Mr. Bernhard Schmitt, take advantage of his experience for your personal development.“

12/01/2010 Svatopluk Froehlich, S-Com, s.r.o , Prague

„About 15 years ago I received an efficiency training from the company Bernhard Schmitt. It was one of the first seminars in which I participated. Throughout the years I use the experience gained in daily practice, I recommend it to all who want to make their work and their lives more effective and more enjoyable.“

12/22/2010 Kamil Valenta, CEO, KONDOR Ltd., Prague

„… I know Mr. Schmitt as his client for more than ten years. He has helped me become more efficient and productive, both personally and in several companies I've managed …
I can confidently recommend Mr. Schmitt every manager who really needs or wants to improve his own skills and knowledge in terms of efficiency, productivity and / or organization.“

09/09/2010, Petr Němec, Administrator & CEO, Puls Media Network S.R.L., Bucharest

„… Finally I would like to emphasize: I am convinced that the explanation of each part, in accordance with the rules and laws I have gained – I've learned – and I have finally confirmed that the use of these methods of coaching under own authority – this "coaching“ will lead to the development of society.  I am determined to use this method in my business."

11/2010 Milos Lesina owner and CEO, Manatech, s.r.o. , Humpolec

„I know Mr. Bernhard Schmitt for more than 15 years. 

Over the years of mutual cooperation, I have used many principles in building businesses, and I can confirm that the theory is not only interesting but also works in practice … 

I can highly recommend Mr. Bernhard Schmitt as a personal consultant for top management to all companies regardless of industry, who have a genuine interest not only to the personal development but also in the development of the company that they manage or own. 

Properly understood and consistently applied skills are valid in all areas and help the user to have more time and freedom in work and private lives and achieve their goals in less time.“ 

09/20/2010 Jaroslav Bursík, Chairman, Bursik Holding a.s. , Prague

Successes concerning the training and care for internal company-coaches and cooperation partners

„… First, I personally worked with B. Schmitt and then he spent a year working with our internal trainer, whom we have taken into our company because of the proposal of Mr. Schmitt. Mr. Schmitt realized his education and his training and then methodically lead him as a senior coach … 

The instruments that we got offered by Mr. Schmitt in the cooperation are simple, logical and functional. What is not so easy anymore, are consistent implementation and enforcement in the daily practice. Also in this regard, we have received from Mr. B. Schmitt full support.“ 

23. 1. 2009 Jiří Kalista TEDOM VKS, Ltd., s.r.o., Czech Republic

For some weeks I get the training as an efficiency trainer on Skype by Bernhard Schmitt, Prague. 

I must say I am impressed. After a short time I really had the idea of being able to deliver the training my selves and to really want it. 

02/26/2011 Heike Vierheilig Vierheilig Business Effizienztraining, Berlin

“Today I completed the training as efficiency trainer and it's great. Won­derful material for the trainer and the client, it really is a valuable treasure!  Now there is a precise method for the promotion, implementation and quality control. I knew this information a long time but I didn’t apply them in practice (in reality). … Now I know for sure that this will be the best introduction service for my consultant activity…" 

21. 6. 2009 Dmitry Skazkiv,
konzultant, Moscow

“… I've gained the certainty that I can do it with my clients – this training, and that I have it under good control. My certainty rose step by step while on the side of the client he developed more and more order and personal certainty, I saw his clearer eyes and I felt his pleasure … 

After a few weeks I visited my client to discuss the results learned – he told me that he really uses this training and that he sees the benefits of it. This whole action of the coaching was for me a very good experience …" 

03/25/2011 Miloš Šubert 
Develop Solutions, Czech Republic

“… I got a much better attitude to work and I generally feel less tired from work. I understood better what time is and how I can be cause over it. When I perform personal consulting I can make the other person better understand the importance of work and to become more active and efficient. …" 

01/06/2011 Sergei Truhkin, Consultant, Moscow

„In 1996, when I decided to establish the LITE English-school in the Czech Republic, Bernhard Schmitt offered me his help and support .....

All of this help was very valuable and welcome, because in those early days he gave me some very important stable data and support. 

Thus he contributed to the expansion of now working 13 schools in the Czech Republic …“ 

10/26/2010 Andrea Macháčková, founder LITE ČR, Prague

“I met Bernhard Schmitt in April 1996. At that time I had no information on WISE, but I wanted to start a WISE consulting activity …  I met Bernhard and he helped me to start. He gave me detailed instructions on how to successfully operate this new activity. He was concerned about the administrative and technical matters and always helped me with the original texts of the technology, with word clearing and with whatever was necessary …"

01/26/2001 Zoltán Horváth Escorial Kft, Budapest

„I work with Bernhard Schmitt for four years. Before this time, when I joined the WISE sector as a green consultant, I had a big problem that I didn’t have before me a master who is experienced and a good source for the practical application of our technology. 
At that time Bernhard Schmitt, came in my world. From the beginning of our cooperation my statistics went up and up and up and right now they are also in affluence. 
We are the second largest … WISE consulting company in Hungary.  As the director and owner of Admiral Consulting I always had a quiet aspect of my function as a result of our strong cooperation with Bernhard Schmitt …“

01/20/2001 Gábor Matolay, Admiral Consulting Kft, Budapest

“Thank you for this training. I have attended many seminars and training by other consultants, but I liked the way you are performing them most. I had the feeling of being more "on source!” And I understand that this is what needs to be done and nothing else. 
I had some bad emotions when other consultants conducted seminars, because they did not always mention where this technology is coming from. And it was confusing, and I also saw that my wins and those of the other participants of your workshops were much much bigger because it was my, my own cognitions that I received from the technology.  (And it was not just listening to the cognitions of someone else, as before.) 

06/21/2009 Marianna Nestrueva, Interpreter and Consultant, Moscow

I realized that it really made me a very great pleasure to consult someone and give him a training. I had fun! This means that I really want to start a consulting activity.  Many thanks to Bernhard that he helped me to recognize, that it is this activity that I very much like to do.

06/21/2009 Alexej Mayorov, Entrepreneur, Moscow

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