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Client-specific special and secondary services:

Coaching Communication and Understanding

Results: Ability to be better understood and better understand people, leadership with communication.

Coaching Human Evaluation

Results: Knowing and recognizing, where the other person stands and what you can expect from him.

Expanded Product Clearing of all areas of the company

Results: Concept and consciousness, what makes the company to survive, ability to survive independently and expand.

Expanded Product Clearing to all areas of life

Results: Extension of the horizon, more energy, more room to expand in order to achieve goals in life

Coaching Stress Handling

Result: Identify causes of stress and cope with it

Coaching Responsibility

Result: Knowing what responsibility is and how to increase it.

Coaching Data and Situation Analysis

Result: Knowledge how to get to the bottom of situations and problems and solve them.

Goals Coaching

Result: The discipline to work on goals consistently and to achieve them.

Coaching Crisis Management

Result: Early detection of crises and proper management of the crisis, to perform the correct steps that lead out of the crisis.

Coaching Company Conditions

Result: Identifying the various conditions (states), take the right steps to make the company independent, expand it and bring it into a stable state.

There is a large amount of other functioning technology for these topics from which we can take and develop constantly other services.


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