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The coach of a football team looks after his players daily, during daily scheduled training and during the 1 ½ hours of „work“ during the game.

The truly effective company has internal own coaches who train employees at a fixed regular training schedule, and who coach them during working hours, in short „time-outs.“

This concept is new. It works because we really know how much potential most people have, and how to develop this potential quickly, or "call it up“, as it is said in sports. It was also discovered that the human resources department is not sufficient to develop a company with its employees on the long run because it has many administrative tasks, and it is hindered from intensive care for the individual employee. 

The solution is the in-house coach and his team of coaches in each division. He can devote himself to the people, with little administration.

„Managing“ and „coaching“ are two different things, but both are essential tasks of management. This is another discovery, it has been known since time immemorial, „like master like man“, so the first client for coaching is the owner, the top manager or the manager of a department himself, because if he continues to improve, the whole team that he leads will improve.

A coach works in practice with actually existing problems and situations of everyday work

He is located directly on the work process and sees what is needed to improve the skills of employees and the processes.

The manager of a company, and the manager of a department must also be a good coach.

After a certain size a company should at least afford a full-time coach,
and then a head coach, who looks after the other (junior) coaches

By this way all employees can be reached and sustainable results can be achieved with employees who are constantly growing and the company with them.

We make you become a competent coach

Once you have realized firsthand that our coaching really works, you want that also your staff become by coaching far more effective, productive, competent and more able. We will train you as a coach and we train in-house coaches and support them in their work and in the practical application of internal coaching. We support clients through internal workshops and coaching to improve their employees individually and in the team.


Specifically we made in the Czech Republic to date actual experience with more than 20 companies from the following branches in the introduction of internal coaching, in about half of these clients the owner himself assumed the role of the company coach and with others we trained leading employees as coach and they have cared for their employees successfully.

Supervised clients from the following branches:

Trade / Technical Services:

Packaging / packaging machines,
ID (Identification machinery) technologies,
Tile / Construction Chemicals / bath design,
Laser / optical systems,
Compressors / piping systems for gas / air pressure / water cooling
Computer / electronics
Agricultural and forestry machines
Water treatment and swimming pool technology.

Environmental protection,
Data cables / radio links,
Facilities for Ecology, purification and air treatment
Construction of Information / telecom / security systems, Home construction,
Industrial and building services,
IT / information systems for companies,
Customer-specific software-solutions,
Con-generation Units
Telecommunication facilities
Security Systems
Electronics, Electrotechnics

Administrative Services:

Customer Relations / Incentives / Sales Support

In the years 2008–2010 organized by our St. Petersburg and Moscow partners we trained in Russia over 40 efficiency coaches in four-day practical workshops from which each single one was able afterwards to perform efficiency coaching inside the company or for the clients on her/his own.

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