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The term „coach“ (actually „coach“ = „carriage“) was coined at the University of Oxford, and meant „a tutor who brings a student through the examination“ (carry = to bring).

Later it was used mainly in sports, to find its entrance back in modern times into the field of education, especially in business.


In Leadership Coaching both is united, education (knowledge) and game (as in sports).

Sport is a game, a contest.

The goal is to win.

It is a challenge. It is joy, excitement, motivation.

The whole life is a game, a contest.

To lead a company to success is a game.

The sports coach helps athletes to win.

The leadership coach helps the entrepreneur, the executive, the manager to win.


Technology: are the working practices (the „knowledge“ / Know-How) to make something which is useful.

The word comes from the Greek „tekhnologia“ and it meant: „systematic treatment.“ In coaching, we use functional, systematic technology to improve human abilities.

Prerequisite for successful coaching is that the entrepreneur

  1. wants to win, has goals (has „sportsmanship“), and
  2. is willing to learn, does not think that he already has the knowledge.


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