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Bernhard Schmitt BUSINESS ABILITY PROGRAMS, Biskupcova 38, CZ 130 00 Prague 3 br> (ICO: 601 661 51) had its origin in 1990 in Germany and has been active since 1994 in the coaching and training of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic
About 600 German, Czech and Slovak firms have benefited from it.  In these countries, as well as in Hungary and Russia were more than 40 coaches trained and supervised.

We work with a working know-how under international license. 

We are constantly looking for co-operators and partners. We go back on the international market, and strengthened.


The work in our team is hard, requires great ambition, dedication, high motivation, the real will and the intention to help people, be very interested in people mainly in management positions, the will to study in one`s own time, to learn new things and to work hard for it. 


The work is independent, it is rewarded only for results, not for the time you spend at work. 

The income opportunity is usually low at the start until one has reached a level of professionalism and good results. This work is not for the purely money-motivated people. In coaching those are professional who are mainly motivated to help the clients really.
The relation in our team is characterized by mutual support, communication, understanding. It is a place where everyone can develop and grow. 

We are looking for

Cooperation partners in all countries 
Assistants for phone advertising
Sales people
Marketing staff 

Languages: in each country's native language, English (fluently in speaking and understanding, writing and reading)


Please send your CV or your co-operation concept, objectives and expectations, we will definitely answer:


E-mail: bschmitt [at] be-efficient.eu
Skype: bernhardschmitt52

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