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Business Coaching

Bernhard Schmitt acquired basic working knowledge of development of human abilities since 1974 in education and continued education in Germany, Switzerland, England, Denmark and the Czech Republic

Since 1974 he served as an internal coach of an international organization in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has cared for hundreds of employees, personally and individually and helped them in their development.

He acquired the license as a self-employed leadership coach in 1990 after he had worked since 1984 as a junior coach in a coaching firm near Frankfurt am Main. Since 1994 (move to Prague), he gained international experience in the coaching of entrepreneurs and top managers as well as in the training of coaches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, since 1996 in Hungary and since 2000 in Russia.

Up to now he cared internationally for some 600 entrepreneurs and top managers from all industries (especially in Germany and the Czech Republic) and trained more than 40 coaches.

What motivates me

„„Early on as a young man, I saw many things in society, which I did not agree, which made no sense to me, I often wondered, where does that lead to?

It seemed to me that hardly anyone in responsible positions really cared to do something about these nuisances. Worse, I realized that the whole trend in our "modern“ society is asking to have it more convenient, to do less, to have to work less, have fewer problems to solve, etc. and that seemed to me very illogical, because who in the end still takes the responsibility to ensure that things go right?

But I wanted to do something. And how it often is when you have a real goal, there appear ways, opportunities open up.

I found that there exists actually working knowledge of how people can bring themselves up to more responsibility, more ability, to take more initiative, activity – because that's the fundamental problem: the man who is not just watching and not just criticizing, who is not only on the effect side of life, but who is acting, who is actively changing the environment, improving it.

I worked hard on myself to acquire and apply this knowledge, and this is what I am still doing today – after over 35 years of work, and after I've helped thousands of people with it.

A client wrote me recently:

‚I am convinced that these methods of coaching lead to a development of society as a whole.‘

This is my motivation to continue to work on it, because I cannot imagine anything more valuable than people who become more able to cope with their life and their work well and who achieve their goals and when they are old look back to a full, successful and happy life."

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